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Asia Innovators Community (AIC)

Driving innovation and Entrepreneurship in digital economy

The base of the Asia Innovators Community (AIC) as a consulting firm for SMEs after 6 years as a project called “Praxispartnership 2012-2018”  developed by the International SEPT Program of the University of Leipzig and Conoscope GmbH, a consulting company in Leipzig, Germany and other partners in Vietnam. AIC beleive that the future of our economies relies on innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). For this reason, Experts of AIC have developed our approach dedicated to conveying theoretical knowledge, application-oriented findings and practice-relevant experience with regard to the management and promotion of innovation in SMEs.

In addition, AIC also continues to support SMEs in developing digital strategy for their enhancement of operation of the companies. Firm performance & individual performance will be highly concerned.

Innovation of SMEs in digital transformation

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in creating jobs and promoting economic growth, especially in developing countries – as the vast majority of businesses in low-income countries and more than half of all formal jobs worldwide stem from SMEs.

Innovations are important factors for strengthening the competitiveness of any enterprise. Product and service innovations oriented to new or existing markets as well as the development and implementation of new production processes and organizational structures are decisive factors in the marketplace.

AIC provides training, coaching and consulting services for SMEs which would like to enhance capacity in digital age.

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